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Student-centered learning

A student with ADHD is using MyIndicators to track his well-being and learning in school on a daily basis. The indicator is shared with the teacher to fill in teaching strategies to meet the needs of the student. At home, the parents address their parenting in the indicator and help their child with school work in the best possible way for improved self-esteem and learning.

Sustainable Development

A school is setting up goals to ensure that it’s working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. For example goal 12.3 about halve the food waste or goal 12.5 to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse. The indicators help keeping the school on track.


  1. How often do the students bike/walk to school per week?
  2. How often is a vegetarian dish served?
  3. How much is the food waste reduced?


Some students are facing challenges like social isolation. They might be excluded and are having problems in interacting with other classmates. For example, Vivien is a 7th grade student who is always sitting alone at lunch. The counselor talks to the class and they all agree on a set of social rules, followed up by a weekly indicator that monitors the well-being of the individual students and the new class dynamic.

Happy at school

MyIndicators is used to monitor the well-being of the school on a continuous basis to prepare students for their lifelong learning as knowledgeable and responsible global citizens. MyIndicators provides the school with SMART feedback.


S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Achievable

R - Relevant

T - Timed

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Strömkarlsvägen 50

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Strömkarlsvägen 50

141 42

  Huddinge, Sweden