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MyIndicators is a personalized tool for education & learning that helps students, parents, teachers, counselors and support teams set goals and track student progress. This is achieved through involving and immersing students in their studies,  improving performance and helping them make better career and life choices with greater confidence and happiness.


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Solutions for organizations and groups

Education Institution

MyIndicators helps institutions make better decisions based on real time data. Education institutions are able to identify, measure, review and verify key quality indicators over time, under headings such as:


  • Employee well being
  • Productivity
  • Total number of working hours
  • Survey feedback or complaints
  • Identification and control of potential hazards

Teachers and Counselors

MyIndicators helps teachers as they develop, administrate and analyze issues around classroom assessment. The system facilitates the measurement of progression and the evaluation of teaching methods. All according to the students' capabilities in relation to the whole class.


With MyIndicators, school counselors can easily measure the three domains of a student’s development:


  • Academic
  • Career
  • Social and emotional development


Teachers can determine each student’s level of knowledge and insight through the thorough analyze of bespoke data. This allows teacher and student to:

  • work together
  • assess the individual’s unique educational performance
  • assess the development needs.


MyIndicators helps achieve both classroom and teachers’ goals by transforming traditional classrooms into digitally supported student-centered environments.

Solutions for students


This digital tool personalizes the learning process by allowing students to:

  • Reflect on their learning journeys
  • Assess their pace
  • Discover their interests and unique learning styles


Through an increased understanding of their personal learning style and skills, students are able to improve performance and gain confidence in their learning.


Set new learning goals. Set and achieve objectives using appropriate strategies. Real time progress tracking.


MyIndicators increases engagement levels of both classroom and distance learners. Students are able to collect the information they want and share it with their friends or teachers.

What can I achieve with MyIndicators?

For organizations and groups

  • Continuous measurement of learning quality
  • A focus on collaborative learning
  • Programme evaluations and survey feedback
  • Tools for identifying and analyzing key performance indicators and strategies
  • The ability to gain powerful insights from the data
  • The opportunity for staff to develop goals and generate commitment

For students

  • Goal setting tools
  • The ability to assess your own pace and interests
  • Personalized learning
  • Increasing engagement and motivation
  • An improved understanding of skills
  • Performance tracking
  • Feedback and powerful visualizations of progress

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Strömkarlsvägen 50

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Strömkarlsvägen 50

141 42

  Huddinge, Sweden